Brothers All Natural In-Kind Product Donation Request

All organizations receiving support from Brothers All Natural must affirm the non-discrimination policy for Brothers All Natural. The Policy is as follows: 

All recipients of In-Kind support from Brothers All Naturals giving program must not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, veteran or marital status. All recipients of Brothers All natural product donation must agree not to sell the product in any venue, Items donated specifically for an auction are the exception. 

We will contact you regarding requests of product over 500 units that are being considered. 

In return for any donations, we request that you upload your logo for use on our Donations web page. After the event we would appreciate that you send any imagery that features our products, allowing us to post on our social media platforms and/or Donations web pages 

Logo Usage

We have provided our logo for use in/on any marketing material associated with your event

Brothers All Natural Donations Policy

At Brothers All Natural, we sincerely value giving back to our community, and aspire to meet all donation requests that we receive. Brothers All Natural product donations are available for nonprofit organizations that address the needs of people through projects in art, education, health and welfare. Requests for Brothers All Natural products can be submitted throughout the year, but must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to date needed for products. 

All recipients of Brothers All Natural product donations are required to agree not to resell in any venue. The exceptions to that policy are items donated specifically for an auction. 

Brothers All Natural continuously makes every effort to fulfill all eligible requests, however Brothers All Natural reserves the right to substitute product and/or quantities based upon availability. If products requested cannot be substituted, please note that in the application.

Please do not request in-kind donations if you are included in our exclusions: 

  • Individuals or for-profit organizations 

  • Political organizations or activities 

  • Religious organizations for religious purposes 

  • Capital or building campaigns 

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